New Fragrance: Givenchy eaudemoiselle Ambre Velours (2013)


Givenchy have introduced a second flanker to the original eaudemoiselle launched in 2010 called eaudemoiselle Ambre Velours. It succeeds eaudemoiselle Bois de Oud. The new composition by the François Demachy olfactive team is said to be a suave perfume, an invitation to a voyage filled with mystery and sensuality...

An olfactory link to the original rose is present in the new eau de parfum softened by a sensual note of plum and spiced up by pink peppercorn. 

In the heart are lodged an absolute of rose, patchouli and cedar wood showcasing a honeyed rose softly warmed up by the sun of the Orient.

The richness of amber is associated with the softness of tonka bean and benzoin for a "captivating" and warm oriental sillage.

What Givenchy are proposing after Bois de Oud, is another classic pairing with Amber, a choice visibly influenced by Middle Eastern perfumery. It is a new trope in fragrance world, which one sees more and more these days.

This is a limited-edition. Price is 112,90€ for 100 ml. 

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