Parfum d'Empire Eau de Gloire Cologne pour l'Hiver Edition Millésimée (2013) {New Fragrance}


In 2003, in-house perfumer for and founder of Parfum d'Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, composed an eau de cologne version of Eau de Gloire to be worn in the summer then forgot about it in his cellar. 10 years later, rediscovering it and realizing the jus had matured over the years to best effect, he is now launching it as a vintage edition - just like for wine - as Eau de Gloire Cologne pour l'Hiver Edition Millésimée...

The luxury edition is edited at 300 copies of 500 ml bottles. Corticchiato is taking this opportunity to dedicate the fragrance to an artist he admires, Jean Cocteau, in accord with the Comité Jean Cocteau

The composition features green notes (galbanum), citruses (lemon, mandarin, bergamot) mingling with aromatic herbs (lavander,myrtle,rosemary ), leather, incense and hay. 

In the vintage edition the resins and herbs are said to have blended further gaining in intensity and maturity; the tobacco and leather notes have acquired new depth while the citruses are still sparkling.

Price: 395€, exclusively at Colette. 

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