Caron Più Bellodgia (2013) {New Perfume}


In 2013, Caron rebottled their classics and released a new flanker to Bellodgia (1927) called Più Bellodgia (More Bellodgia). The composition is signed by in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse...

The eau de parfum is said to have benefited from a modern revamp thanks to the freshness and greenness of a crisp lily of the valley note.

The perfume has top notes of carnation, rose, and jasmine, a spicy heart of carnation and clove and a base of cedar wood, sandalwood, and musks. 

While Caron on the one hand appear to be keen on looking more up-to-date, on the other hand, their website continues to exclusively vaunt the charm of old-school Bellodgia and their classic perfumes in their old forms. 

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