Karl Lagerfeld to Launch Duo of Perfumes in 2014 {Fragrance News}


Karl & Choupette, Forever

The designer is gaga over his cat, in case you were living under a rock. You need to know that if you want to understand 21st century fashion.


Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is preparing to launch a new duo of fragrances for her and him from March 2014. The names have not been released yet - jut some olfactory notes and a business plan from Interparfums which have taken over the label from Coty, Inc...


While you might still remember fondly some of the Karl Lagerfeld fragrances of the past, such as KL (1982), and even the ones he's influenced like the original tuberose fragrance Chloé by Chloé (1975), it turns out that fom a competitive commercial point of view the problem is that he has not reached the Top-20 list in France.

Interparfums are counting on the increased celebrity of the designer - the personal KL label has become ever more present in the visual culture as the designer's silhouette is now a recognizable pop culture icon. The company are also reported to invest 10 million Euros in the marketing of the KL fragrances, a move Coty did not make. 

Karl Lagerfeld is said to have been won over by the business model of the Montblanc relaunches which was orchestrated by Interparfums. 

For now, be it known that the upcoming feminine perfume next spring is a green floral which is described as being both very modern and very fresh. Philippe Bénacin, the CEO of Interparfums said that the product is dedicated to luxury but with a rock n' roll touch. In 2015, a line exclusively dedicated to women will be released.

The international roll-out is massive yet the French distribution circuit remains a bit reluctant, which is surprising considering the fact that Lagerfeld is a household name closely associated with the house of Chanel.

The French national fragrance market however is highly competitive - and one might add, conservative too. Classics are classics because they stay on, and French loyalty-oriented consuming habits regarding perfume help maintain the status quo. 

The feminine perfume will be priced at 85€ and the masculine one at 75€. 

The ad campaign will be shot by the brand founder himself.

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