New Book on Coco Chanel in Russian {Fashion Notes} {Fragrant Reading}



Fashion history and criticism outside of politics might be a fairly new genre in Russia given the history of the country. Here's a  2013 book on Coco Chanel entitled simply transliterated Koko Shanel' by Bronuin Kosgreyv, a contibutor to Vogue Russia, in a series apprently called "Vogue, Fashion Legends"...

There are plenty of illustrations and photographs from famous lens artists, according to the ad copy. The book concentrates on the life of Chanel, her major influence on sartorial fashion and there is also space devoted to Chanel No.5 the fragrance

Kosgreyv has reportdely written a few books on the history of fashion. He is a consultant to luxury brands and is the president of the annual Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize for young designers. 

Published by Slovo in Russian. 

Price: $49,27.

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