Richard E. Grant to Release Marijuana-Infused Perfume (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Scent}


British actor Richard E. Grant of cult movie Whitnail and I fame, is preparing to launch a signature unisex perfume next spring in 2014, which will feature an infusion of weed - not tweed - weed, for a touch of controversy...

The actor is reportedly very much interested in smells in real life - Grenouille style- to the point where his friend fashion designer Anya Hindmarch advised him to go create a fragrance. 

The perfume features notes of lime, clove oil, juicy mandarin, white musk, tobacco, pepper oil and an infusion of Marijuana. It was developed in collaboraton with a Parisian perfumer over two years. 

Eliciting to include Marijuana as a note is not explained - you can infer it has something to do with Whitnail and I and its chaotic atmosphere. And apparently it's legal to do so even though all sorts of aromatic ingredients are regulated into oblivion.

The scent launches at Liberty's from April 2014.

Via Telegraph; Contact Music

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