Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocencia, Purple Seductia, Yellow Alluriana, Red Promisia (2013) {New Fragrances}


Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk has introduced a new collection of perfumes both fine and for the bath and body. True to her original calling, she is color-tagging the fragrances baptized Pink Innocencia, Purple Seductia, Yellow Alluriana, and Red Promisia. If you are attuned to branding efforts, your ear will no doubt notice that the weird-sounding names are motivated by an alliterative effort to make them sound close to "Sonia"...

So Sonia is selling these at Target and the brand is laying the accent on how "incredibly affordable" the perfumes are while the quality reportedly remains top-notch.

"Pursuing her beautiful mission to bring high quality, elegance and glamour to all, Sonia has created a complete range of bath and body products with textures, fragrances and looks that leave nothing to envy of the high-end brands."   

The four compositions are signed by perfumer Jérôme Epinette of Robertet who worked in collaboration with the beauty expert. 
Eau De Toilette in Pink Innocencia – A dance of captivating tuberose, dewy magnolia and dreamy amber creates this delicate, innocent and rosy, almost girly mist. A quiet, yet irresistibly attractive floral scent for the graceful, cheerful and ultra-feminine.
Price: $19.99
Eau De Toilette in Purple Seductia – A bold, sexy and uninhibited fragrance, where effervescent pomegranate fuses with rose delicacy and earthy patchouli. For the daring, confident and passionate woman who exudes sensuality and who loves to sparkle.
Price: $19.99
Eau De Toilette in Yellow Alluriana – A burst of refreshing citrus notes and crisp verbena plays to the sensuality of musk, for the happiest, most vibrant and uplifting fragrance. A delight for the lively, bubbly and free-spirited.
Price: $19.99
Eau De Toilette in Red Promisia – A soft, voluptuous and captivating scent. Like a cashmere blanket draped over bare skin, the blend of warm sandalwood, precious jasmine and exotic vanilla wraps your body in refined seductiveness.
Price: $19.99
The companion bath and body products range is extensive.
More information about this new collection here.
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