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As Dior are launching into an effort to offer deeper cultural credentials to their perfumes, more recently with an exhibition at the Grand Palais, it is of interest to note that the former critic of the New York Times and current curator of olfactory art at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City, Chandler Burr, will be publishing a book devoted to Dior fragrances this year in 2014...

The title is Dior Parfum: Sixty-Five Years of Creation, 280 pages. It is announced for a release scheduled for next fall, on October 7, 2014. 

With the emphasis put on the creative process in the title, this might add a new chapter to Burr's technique of mixing investigative journalism on the behind-the-scenes of the perfume industry with more tangential perfume criticism. Now, with his curatorial work, there might be a new historical flavor brought to his perfume analysis. 

Often, these types of perfume books are more or less commissioned by the brands themselves and end up being feel-good books as it can be tricky to be critical while being granted access to the house archives and trusted insider sources in a luxury industry which is hyper conscious about controlling its image. The fragrance industry moreover cultivates secrecy. 

So, you can wonder which ones of these potential investigative threads will be developed in the new tome. It will be published by Rizzoli New York, which seem more interested in offering coffee-table books on fashion with lush pictures such as for instance the recent Dior Glamour by Mark Shaw (2013). 

Price: 89,31€

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