L'Occitane Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense is a Red Cherry Perfume for Valentine's Day (2014) {New Fragrance}


L'Occitane en Provence will launch a new fragrance for women on January 27, 2014 called Cerisier Rouge Eau Intense, which will join the popular series on cherry blossom perfumes the brand has been consistently putting out over the last few years...

Playing on synesthetic associations of color which are meaningfully associated with passionate love, L'Occitane is taking a step back from the pink-colored cherry blossom petals they so far painted in perfume form. 

In-house perfumer Karine Dubreuil composed the fruity-floral scent with the idea of bringing together the floralcy of cherry blossoms in the spring together with the red cherry fruits of summer. The perfume contains a natural cherry extract of cherries from the Luberon region in Provence, a place of traditional growth for the cherry orchards where a cherry festival exist. 

The eau intense opens on top notes of lemon, orange, and cassis leading to a heart of wild lily of the valley, red cherry tree, and raspberry. The base features notes of white musks, heliotrope - also known as the cherry-pie flower for its scent - and olive wood.

Price: 45€ for 50 ml. 

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