Diptyque + Macon & Lesquoy Create a Perfumed Brooch {Fragrance News}

diptyque - Broche à parfumer.jpg

The perfume house of Diptyque have partnered with artisanal embroiderers Macon & Lesquoy to create a brooch in search of a perfume called Broche à parfumer "Rose"...

Macon&Lesquoy pour diptyque - carnet de croquis.jpg

The pair of designers use a stitch point called cannetille which is the one used for military decorations. This creates a thick, dense, tight and textured embroidery, as well as a "precise" one as the brand underline. 

The launch of this limited-edition textile jewel coincides with a new ad campaign around boutique events for Eau Rose, a 2012 entry. 

The brooch is further decorated with a drop made of white ceramic onto which you spray the fragrance of your choice to let it diffuse thanks to its porous surface.

The shape of this rose is somewhat reminiscent of the rose illustration in Le petit prince by Saint Exupéry although judging from the mood board above, it is a conscious borrowing from the movie poster for Barry Lyndon

Price: 50€

Via press release 

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