Lise Watier Neiges à L'Eau de Glacier (2013) {New Fragrance}


Canadian beauty & fragrance brand Lise Watier introduced a new women's perfume in 2013 called Neiges L'Eau de Glacier Eau de Toilette. The twist is that they reportedly added glacier water in the formulation. It is said to be a lighter version of their bestseller Neiges...

"Neiges à l'eau de glacier is fresh, sensual and eternal. An exquisite bouquet of white flowers with musky undertones create its distinctively pure, harmonious scent."

It is not clear whether the label used real glacier water or created a refreshing glacier-water accord although Canada would not lack in the former natural resource.
A Finnish perfume label inaugurated this approach in 2010 as a way to include the natural waves emanating from the pristine elements. 
With the number of natural terroir waters and sacred, religious eaux existing in the world, one can imagine how this type of creative concept could become a standard and be extended to feature meaningful H2O.
Notes are white flower, rose, magnolia, jasmine and musk
Price: CA$ 49.

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