Fragonard Dedicate 2014 to the Scent of Sweet Pea • Pois de Senteur {Fragrance News}


Like each year, French perfume house Fragonard decide to focus on a floral scent. In 2014, they have elected to turn their attention to the delicate olfactory nuances of sweet pea or pois de senteur in French (Lathyrus odoratus), a flower which has a short flowering season and which is commercially not easy to come by at florists...

Its scent is elusive while quite present - in French it is also called "pois musqué" or musky pea to denote its animalic side. Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka (2009) is a fairly recent fragrance composition tackling the less common note. 

To Fragonard, it reminds them of a cloud of butterflies - and indeed sweet pea petals are akin in texture to fluttering butterfly wings. 

The house offer a bit of historical background underlining the fact that the flower originates from the south-east of Italy in Sicily. It was cultivated in England from the 17th century thanks to a Sicilian monk who sent seeds to the country. It is however thanks to Scottish botanist Henry Eckford (1823-1905) that the scent of the flower reached its full potential becoming more intense and unique. 

"In the language of flowers, it symbolizes elegance and friendship, no doubt thanks to the marriage of its delicate flowers and graceful tendrils."

"Never has a flower deserved better its name: its subtle, suave and musky perfume is going to enchant the Fragonard universe and will be offered in a perfumed range tinted with soft pastel colors."

Via Fragonard website 

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  1. Heard from a representative of the brand that Annick Goutal will release their new perfume called ... " Pois de senteur" this spring. So original!

    • Ha, this is maybe a coincidence, or maybe that they have some new molecules that will encourage perfumers to create sweet pea perfumes. Last year, there was a big cassis wave, both obvious and hidden.

      Chant Wagner

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