Trousselier Ange Lapin Eau de Senteur (2013) {New Perfume} {Kids' Fragrances}


French kids' label Trousselier launched a signature perfume for children baptized Ange Lapin Eau de Senteur, named after their star toy, Ange Lapin, a stuffed rabbit with angel's wings also nicknamed "Fat Boy" thanks to its chubbiness...

The unisex fragrance is said to be fresh and floral. It does not contain alcohol so that very young children can use it.

"A cloud of softness, a flight of poetry and a smidgeon of magic..."

(Un Nuage de douceur, une envolée de poésie et un soupçon de magie...)


The scent was developed by Koto Parfums who specialize in children's fragrances. They are the name behind Hello Kitty.

Kids' fragrances can be a practical option to consider for adults with sensitive skins and who might moreover have a preference for low-key perfumes.

Bonpoint for instance is originally a kids' perfume which has become popular among adults in France.

Price: 41,50€ for 100 ml.

Ange_Lapin_Fat_Boy_Hairy.jpgYou can read the blog 16 Baby-Approved Perfumes

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