Exclusive: Comme des Garçons + Serpentine Galleries Serpentine (2014) {New Fragrance}


Playing with Architecture and Soon, Perfume 


Fashion and perfume brand Comme des Garçons have partnered with the Serpentine Galleries in London to launch a new unisex perfume baptized Serpentine, which is meant to represent the spirit of a place dedicated to the quest for contemporary art, design and architecture...

The name of the galleries comes from the Serpentine lake in Royal Park of Kensington Gardens on either part of which each gallery is located, the newest one being the Serpentine Sackler Gallery designed by Zaha Hadid Architetcts.


Architecture, Constructed, Deconstructed, Laid Open and Bare 

Each year since 2000, an ephemeral summer pavillion is built by a renowned architect, the mission of which is to make architecture be fully experienced in a sensory fashion. In 2014, the new pavillion to be opened from June 26 is signed by Smiljan Radic. In 2013, the summer pavillion was the work of Sou Fujimoto who said,


 Fujimoto Called his Structure a "Transparent Terrain"

"It is a really fundamental question how architecture is different from nature, or how architecture could be part of nature, or how they could be merged... what are the boundaries between nature and artificial things"

Serpentine the fragrance will launch from April 28, 2014. It's an aldehydic-citrusy composition with a fruity-floral nuance reminiscent of a previous perfume, a green botanical facet of Hinoki and a creamy wood base, upon first inhale. 

More information forthcoming.

Via press release 

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