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No Rulz, That's What Miley Cyrus Will Have to be Content With


Fashion designer and actress Nicole Richie is about to launch her second signature perfume following up on Nicole in 2012. This time, it is called much more controversially No Rules, a name Miley Cyrus could have used to label her own fragrance. Now the latter will have to steal it, say, as "No Rulz" as Nicole Richie got to trademark it first...

It turns out that No Rules is not so much expressing something about Richie's view of life as about fashion, what the fashion designer and thespian sees as a defining motto of the psychedelic age regarding sartorial codes in a throwback to an era which is a constant source of inspiration to her,

I try not to go by any rules, especially when I’m talking about mixing prints,” she says. “I’m so inspired by the ’60s and ’70s, and their rule was that there were no rules.” 

The new eau de parfum features among others notes of Mediterranean orange flower, purple jasmine, Turkish almond blossom, and vanilla bean. 

In Style noted that Richie's Instagram account has been showing her interest in finding the right shade of purple for her newly dyed hair. Pantone has also picked Radiant Orchid as the color of the year for 2014. If nothing else, No Rules is on trend. 

Via In Style 

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