Lolita Lempicka L L'Aime (2014) {New Fragrance}


 Love in the Springtime and Summer


Lolita Lempicka will introduce a new iteration of Elle L'Aime called L L'Aime, a lighter eau de toilette version of the original which launched last year. The advertizing campaign continues to be fronted by model Sasha Pivarova appearing on a dreamy Parisian backdrop featuring Le Pont des Arts now known for its thousands of sentimental padlocks which lovers like to stow on its grid...

On a more realistic note, the sheer weight of the love padlocks is said to have become a hazard to the soundness of the structure of the bridge. They are going to be removed or have been removed. Please chime in if you've been there recently. 

The new white floral composition includes notes of tart redcurrant, zesty citruses, jasmine blossom, a bouquet of eglantines, sandalwood, white woods and musks. 

The column- or totem-like flacon offers a paler and more transparent cast remaining however hardly distinguishable from the first. 

The fragrance is to debut mid-April 2014. Prices are 54€ for 40 ml and 72€ les 80 ml. 

Via Le Parisien


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