Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre is Fronted by Nia Long (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


The Elizabeth Taylor portfolio of fragrances has a new scent for women called White Diamonds Lustre, a flanker to the original White Diamonds (1991)...

The tag line is "A girl can always have more diamonds" a quote by the founder of the brand known for her immoderate love of world-class jewelry - diamonds, in particular. 


Actress Nia Long is the new spokesperson for the fragrance developed by Elizabeth Arden and composed by perfumer Carlos Benaïm.

This is the first time that an alternative famous face is substituted to that of Elizabeth Taylor, although an archival picture is still used for one of the perfume adverts. Taylor passed away in 2011. The last perfume on which she left her direct imprint would be Violet Eyes (2010) unless White Diamonds Lustre was a project in the works for a long and unseen amount of time. 

Long said on her Instagram account "My beauty secret to make sure I always dazzle and shine on the red carpet @ElizabethTaylor White Diamonds Lustre #DiamondsInABottle #Spon"

Lustre is said to be a softer and more shimmering incarnation of White Diamonds featuring an effervescent floral bouquet. It is housed in an amethyst color flacon with a white gold colored cap. 

Top Notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, pear and raspberry

Middle Notes: narcissus, orange blossom, jasmine and orris root

Base Notes: sandalwood, amber, musk and vetiver

Price: $68 for 3.3 fl oz eau de toilette. 

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