Hermès Cuir d'Ange - A Poem-Study a Decade-Long in the Making (2014) {New Perfume}


Hermès will launch a new chapter in the Hermessence collection from September 2014 called Cuir d'Ange (Angel Leather)...

The name of the fragrance comes from a passage in a Jean Giono novel entitled Jean Le Bleu (1932) (Blue Boy) in which a son reminisces about his late father, a shoemaker, whose work evokes for him now the poetic vision of a man continuing to cobble in the after-life shoes made with soles of angel leather meant to dress "a god with a thousand feet". 

The composition is signed by in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena who said that the creation process covers a decade. In 2007, the house released Kelly Calèche which is an earlier sketch of this idea inspired by the novel, which came one day to merge with a vivid impression experienced during a visit at the Hermès precious leather skins vault. 

Litte is given away in technical terms about the new composition. Stylistic notes are proposed describing the upcoming new leather perfume as offering a silken, delicate and transfigurative sensation. 

The Hermessence library of fragrances offers the stylistic bias of fragrance compositions which are created like poetic Haikus offering particularly pure, subtle, "ineffable," and even "tenuous" sensations, to quote the house. 

More details and a review forthcoming.

Via press release

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