Courrèges in Blue (2014) {New Fragrance}

courreges_in_blue.jpg Courrèges, which have come back to the fragrance world in 2012 with 3 perfumes, are launching a new scent called Courrèges in Blue initially introduced in 1983...

The formula is said to have been modernized and adapted to the present by perfumer Nadès Le Garlantezec of Givaudan. This would mean essentially that the adaptation is about suiting new tastes and responding to new perfume-industry regulations.

The eau de parfum is a green floral aldehydic featuring notes of lavender, ginger, sandalwod and patchouli.

The blue of the bottle symbolizes the lavender note showcased in the heart of the composition.

Prices: 89 € for 90 ml; 67 € for 50 ml; 49 € for 30 ml.

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