Emeshel Les Cinq Parfumeurs is New Collection Starring 5 Perfumers (2014) {New Fragrances}


Hungarian crystal and glass manufacturer Emeshel have released a new collection of fragrances aiming connoisseurs who appreciate the behind-the-scenes craft of perfumery entitled Les Cinq Parfumeurs (The Five Perfumers). It comprises Loukoum Delight, Iced Mandarine, Sweet Folly, Vanilla Oud and Wild Patchouli...

The particularity of this new lineup in terms of image is that it puts the personalities and names of five star perfumers in the limelight. In an added touch of personalisation, their hand-written signatures even decorate the flacons in dynamic florishes when you think that the original fragrance editor Frédéric Malle prints their names.

Loukoum Delight is by Delphine Jelk.

"Beautiful, sophisticated and charismatic Delphine Jelk, new star in the fragrance industry. Some of her most noted works includes: La petite Robe Noire, Lumière Rose - Grès"

Lipstick accord / rose, jasmine, iris / tonka bean and white leather

Iced Mandarine is by Dominique Preyssas, who gets to be called only "Dominique" on the brand site.

"Dominique is a well-known and highly respected Perfumer in the fragrance industry with some twenty years of experience. The list of classic and designer perfume brand credits to his name is impressive in itself, with names such as Shiseido, Jaguar & Gant. Some of his most noted works includes: Women - Ted Baker, Basala - Shiseido."

Mandarin, Pink pepper, Bergamot / Spearmint, Melon, Tropical fruits / Vetiver, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

Sweet Folly is by Jean-Claude Delville, who himself is presented under his nickname of "JC" - the point about how casual and human perfumery has become is fully made.

"JC Delville, Perfumery Legend, FiFi award winner, and the nose behind various global successes such as Cabotine, Clinique Happy, Vera Wang, Kenzo, Givenchy, Giorgio Beverly Hills and Victoria's Secret has largely influenced and given direction to the perfume industry. Some of his most noted works includes: Happy - Clinique, Splash - Marc Jacobs, Woman - DKNY."

Notes: mango, guava, raspberry / orange blossom, frangipani / sandalwood, vanilla

Vanilla Oud is by Philippe Romano

"Perfumer Philippe Romano is the nose behind many successful fragrances. Some of his most noted works includes Dunhill Desire Blue, Lalique Pour Homme Bleu, Bugatti Homme, Essencia - Avon, Thé Vert - Roger & Gallet, Island Kiss - Escada, Rockin Rio - Escada"

Notes: raspberry, pink peppercorn / cypress, vanilla / vanilla, oud accord, musky notes

Wild Patchouli is by Michel Almairac

"Perfumer Michel Almairac, has created some of the best know fragrances for companies such as Dior, Chopard, Chloè, Balmain, Burberry, Joop, Davidoff and Bottega Veneta to mention but a few.
Some of his most noted works includes: Fahrenheit - Dior, Addict - Dior."

Notes: blackcurrant, freesia, ylang-ylang / patchouli, rose, jasmine / vanilla, peach, musky notes

Price: 89€ for 50 ml.

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