Les Liquides Imaginaires La Trilogie des Humeurs is Again about Tears (2014) {New Perfume}

Trilogie_Humeurs_liquides_imaginaires.jpg The brand founded by French designer Philippe di Meo, Les Liquides Imaginaires (Imaginary Liquids) is going back to one of its initial projects - pre-founding date of the house - to capture in olfactory form the idea and scent of bodily fluids. La Trilogie des Humeurs regroups three new fragrances: Lacrima, Melancholia and Phantasma...

For those who have followed Di Meo's work since the early days of his olfactory explorations, this will ring a familiar bell. In 2006, Di Meo set up a perfume development project based on recreating the secretion of bodily "humors" entitled "(My) Liquid", which inspired his current brand name. The scents were about Sweat, Tears, and Saliva (in French).

In 2014, Lacrima, Melancholia and Phantasma appear therefore as having the force of a leitmotiv. This time however, the medical tradition is more explicitly invoked with the name of Hippocrates and perfume bottles mimicking apothecary jars. In the past, it used to be a rebellion against prudish mores regarding some taboo body odors.

Since then, as many have been able to experience, Etat Libre d'Orange have added a new tome to that library of internal fluids dangerously escaping the human body with Sécrétions Magnifiques, inspired by sperm.


Lacrima has notes of castoreum, elemi resin, and pink pepper.

Phantasma has notes of hazelnut, clary sage, narcissus.

Melancholia features notes of ginger, laurel and musk.

The fragrances are signed by perfumer Amélie Bourgeois.

You can watch a short film around the trilogy,


Inspirée par Hippocrate, la Trilogie des Humeurs propose le parfum comme antidote aux « sautes d’humeurs » et convoque son pouvoir de concentrer nos émotions, sublimer le réel, troubler et décupler nos sens.

LACRIMA, MELANCOLIA & PHANTASMA, subtiles préparations olfactives, précieux liquides, qui vous invitent à vous laisser envahir, et à libérer les forces de votre imaginaire...»

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