Demeter White Musk Studio 2014 {New Fragrances}

Demeter_White_Musk_studio.jpg American fragrance label Demeter have introduced a new trio of musks focusing on the metaphorically called "white" variety, i.e., the clean, man-made one. It's entitled the White Musk Studio 2014 with Musk #7, Musk #9 and Musk #15...

The brand explains the concept of a pristine musk by saying that for them,

White Musk is a clean, smooth and sweet synthetic musk scent that lacks the animal elements of natural musks.

We've reviewed the white musk trend in Paris in the past, so we always keep an eye out for further developments in that field.

Less than a couple of years ago, I took a picture which said it all: a white musk had become a #1 seller in a Parisian drugstore. We will post it in Perfume Images & Ads.

Demeter have come up with a visual metaphor for the white musk note comparing it to a white canvas used by a painter,

At Demeter, we think of White Musk like a blank canvas, one that we can use to create different types of fragrance flights of fancy, all while staying true to the clean, sweet core. We have opened this Collection with three variations, with the intention of adding our experiments from time to time.

In some cases it's best to let the brand speak because what they're saying holds documentary value,

Bergamot and lemon peel, with fresh herbs, amber and patchouli form the attitude of this fragrance, the first of our Musk's to be declared commercial grade. White Musk # 7 is A fresh and delicate blend that speaks in whispers.

A dry musk with top notes of lime and bergamot, a heart of jasmine with a powdery finish. We blended this fragrance with visions of Scheherazade and "1001 Arabian Night" dancing in our heads.

This version of White Musk takes a warmer approach, with peach blossom, lemon and strawberry on top, lily of the valley, rose, geranium and jasmine at the center, with a tonka bean and moss base. This is a more classic approach to White Musk: just executed better.

The White Musk Studio 2014 is priced at $45 for 3 x 1 fl oz.

The whole project sounds like an invitation to become a white musk connoisseur.

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