Perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi Launches the Vintage Collection (2014) {New Perfumes}

Villoresi_Vintage_collection_kino.jpg Florentine perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi has introduced a new library of scents from his house called the Vintage Collection comprising a selection of classic, soliflore-type compositions...

He explains that this is more of a re-introduction although the formulae have been reworked.

It is an answer to connoisseurs' and collectors' requests who wanted to be able to find the perfumes more easily.

In January 2014, the tweaked re-launches were Garofano, Incensi, Tropicana, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang.

ambra_lorenzo_villoresi_tss.jpg Since May 2014 Ambra - an ambergris composition - has been added.

Ambra Eau de Toilette is "An extraordinary and surprising aroma whose perfume is changing. It is a treasure and a mystery dating back several centuries, fascinating, seductive and unknown.

It retains the sensual embrace of dark algae, the sparkling fragrance of sea foam."

Exclusively available at and at the perfumer's workshop in Florence, Italy.

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