Lolita Lempicka Sweet, The Scent of Dessert-y Carnal Pleasures (2014) {New Fragrance}


Lolita Lempicka have introduced a new fragrance for women called Sweet, an allusion to an endless loop of both gourmand and carnal pleasures mediated by a continuum of tactile and sensory associations, including taste and olfaction...

While the name of the perfume is novel, the flacon reprises the one bottling Le Premier Parfum, only colored red now.

Anne Flipo, the perfumer behind the composition of the fragrance said {my translation},

Sweet is the taste of lips which have just bitten on a cherry dipped in chocolate, a starting point which immediately calls for a kiss. There are notes of angelica who false innocence is a promise of irresistible seduction - and an enveloping sillage of scandalous musks...

The eau de parfum is led by the idea of a central accord depicted as being that of a "cherry-cacao lip gloss" note. In a sense then, this is one of those fine fragrances that are informed by the scents of the cosmetic products of the beauty industry.

It is also apparently influenced by the success of La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain since this fruity note is key to its appeal. It can be said though that cherry-almondy notes have been a familiar encounter in the Lolita Lempicka franchise.

In France, the new jus is priced at 86€ for 80 ml and 70€ for 50 ml. Available as a preview from now on

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