Hermès Terre d'Hermès Vaporisateur Métal Remplissable (2014) {New packaging}

Terre_Hermes_vapo_métal_remplissable.jpg Hermès have released a limited-edition new bottle packaging for Terre D'Hermès Eau de Toilette called the Vaporisateur Métal Remplissable...

This means in French that the new flacon made out of metal is a refillable bottle. It can house 150 ml of jus.

The selection of the metallic material was made based also on its property to age well and acquire patina overtime. For Hermès, this is a promise that your flacon will look better and better in the future.

They don't explain how the refills will be organized, and so it might just be that you would need to purchase a glass bottle and tranfer the contents.

Thierry Mugler, who have a long-standing system of refillable bottles, offer refill stations.

The Vaporisateur Métal Remplissable is priced at 153,90€.

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