E. Coudray Have Devised a New, Original Perfume Packaging {Fragrance News} {New Flacon}


One of the oldest French perfume houses E. Coudray Est. 1822 has come up with an innovative and practical way to transport your fragrance while offering a dual option for application: it's called the Roll On and Spray...

As its name indicates it allows you to either choose the side which is a roll-on to be swiped on skin discreetly in public if you must, on your neck for instance, or the spray end which will vaporize the fragrance in a more enveloping way.

This puts an end to the recurring conundrum, to dab or to spray, for this brand at least.

The new travel-sized flacon holds 12 ml of one of four compositions by the house: Ambre et Vanille / Jacinthe et Rose / Musc et Freesia / Iris Rose.

Price is 20,50€.

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  1. What a practical idea! And it comes with such a beautiful deisgn, so fragile-looking and delicate, it makes want to go out and buy it right now! I like both roll-on and spray perfume and this will be wonderful to have.

    Amanda at LoveTheFragrance

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