Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud (2014): License to Waft {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

Ralph_polo_supreme_oud.jpg Ralph Lauren are introducing a new flanker to that modern masculine classic fragrance from the 1970s, Polo, called Polo Supreme Oud...

The original creator of the fragrance, perfumer Carlos Benaïm, is the author of the newest incarnation of the cologne.

Already noteworthy for its intensity, this oud interpretation is bound to bring up those olfactory features furthermore.

Polo Supreme Oud has top notes of cinnamon and pink peppercorn while the heart features a smoky Indian oud accord. The base rests on guaiac wood and vetiver.

The new composition is also the first masculine eau de parfum for the perfume arm of the fashion brand.

With all those cues, we think that Ralph Lauren is giving the followers of Polo, and men in general, license to smell potent and even "indelible", per the ad copy. This is a direction which they took as early as 1978 since Polo, it could be argued, smelled like an oud sillage almost, without needing any oud in it.

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  1. Excellent........ finally this brand can get bck on top of their men fragrance game.

    • Hi s.brockington,

      If you say so...I agree that the news is making a bit of a splash!


      Chant Wagner

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