Christian Siriano Silhouette (2014) {New Perfume}

silhouette_siriano.jpg American fashion designer Christian Siriano, known for his impossibly frothy gowns - see Taylor Swift in one here - has launched his debut signature perfume called Silhouette...

Siriano emphasizes this tested-and-tried idea that perfume is a more democratic form of fashion because it adapts to every kinds of silhouette, irrespective of trends. Of course, he is not saying anything about - shall we call it - "the tyranny of skin", which puts a constraint on the optimal evolution of a fragrance. This is why there are skin models in the fragrance industry.

" A silhouette has so many romantic meanings, but the shape and form of the body in the female figure, that is what this fragrance is all about - every woman can wear it and feel great in it."
- Christian Siriano


Via Tumblr - Christian Siriano

The new eau de parfum takes inspiration from a powdery blue tulle gown which was showcased during the spring 2013 collection (shown above).

siriano_silhouette_2.jpg The top notes wish to reflect the tints of the dress being both "bright and dusky"[...]"like a calm sky after a storm". Notes are cassis, wet greens and hints of purple berries. "Like the dress, the fragrance unfolds in a succession of ethereal layers" with delicate floating petals of jasmine, rose and freesia with an added, "whipped" gourmand twist. The base is contrasting thanks to "masculine notes of woods and moss, giving the fragrance a fresh, contemporary edge."

Christian Siriano Silhouette Eau de Parfum, MSRP: $22; $68; $92, at

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