Thierry Mugler Angel - Now in a New 3D Experiment {Fragrance News} {New Packaging}


Thierry Mugler have introduced a new version of their iconic blue, star-shaped flacon which now comes reshaped as a 3D star, still blue, but with more facets to play with the light and your combined olfactory, visual and tactile sensations...

It has become more of an object akin to a sculpture.

The original flacon was famously challenging to make, so this is taking the technical feat to a new level. It appears symptomatic of an era in which 3D aesthetics, drawing and printing are becoming a new norm, even when 3D movie watching is becoming less popular.

The brand add that the 3D bottle is "gravity defying".

The new flacon, which chimes in 2015, is for the eau de parfum and can be refilled at the Mugler fountains.

SMRP: 127,50€ for 75 ml of EDP.

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