Volkswagen Mémoire de Pétrole Kisses Goodbye that Famous Whiff (2015) {New Perfume}


Kate Moss is going to love this - German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen have commissioned Berlin-based niche fragrance house Frau Tonis Parfum to create a perfume inspired by the scent of car gas or fuel, which has been baptized Mémoire de Pétrole (Memory of Gasoline)...

The fortuitous reference to model Kate Moss is motivated by the fact that she declared a few years ago that she would love to develop a perfume with that smell.

The new fragrance was created by perfumer Stefanie Hanssen who admitted that "this perfume was a real challenge." Her colleague perfumer Christopher Brosius concurs.

The perfume is meant to serve as an advertizing support to introduce Volkswagen new e-Golf which is entirely electrically powered. So, as the story goes, the brand imagine that the scent of exhaust is but a lingering memory of a past fragranced by its emanations. At the same time, the perfume is supposed to make you anticipate by the future of mobility can be.

"To look back with Mémoire de Pétrole. To be in touch with the feeling of an amazing era. Volkswagen celebrate a farewell to the gas station thanks to this unique, limited-edition perfume."

The scent top note showcases "a faint hint of petrol" seguing ino green violet, iris, pepper and leather. Personality is said to be energetic and young.

You can watch the commercial below and there is also a dedicated website with more visuals from the ad campaign.

Via Press release

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