Valentino Uomo in Black (2015) {New Packaging}

valentino_in_black.jpg Valentino will offer a new sartorial makeover to the bottle of Uomo (2014) for spring 2015, which now comes in an opaque, black conditioning...

The fragrance remains unchanged.

The possible advantage of owning a non-transparent bottle is that you can display it more easily without having to concern yourself as much with the accelerated aging of the juice.

Admittedly, this new styling makes the flacon look more like a hand-grenade with its typical black, metal gun shade usually meant to resonate with men, who even like to wear a wedding band in that style. We are thinking that the brand are trying to touch those potential patrons who want a less precious-looking Uomo.

Valentino_at_the_Emperors_Table.png Valentino Uomo launched in 2014 as a gourmand for men the same year the fashion designer introduced his art-of-living book At the Emperor's Table centering on the arts of the table. In it, you can appreciate the designer's contrasted taste for both old-world opulence and new-world modernity.

Launch date is set for March 9, 2015.


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