Burger King Flame-Grilled Fragrance for 1 Day (2015) {New Perfume}


In the course of 9 years of perfume blogging, it's happened that we've announced fragrances that never saw the light of day, in the end. We're going to bite the bullet and announce the maybe fragrance, maybe joke called Flame-Grilled by Burger King...

Of course this is an advertising campaign. Of course it could be an elaborate April's Fool plaisanterie. Then again, since there have been now a few brands offering meaty perfumes or bacon-scented colognes, it is possible that just like Guerlain release a 1-day edition for their annual lily of the valley, Burger King might be really releasing a Flame-Grilled for Men for one day. To be noted is the fact that in 2008-2009, they did introduce a Flame cologne endorsed by British TV host Piers Morgan. In 2012, Burger King distinguished themselves for real again with a twist on your middle-of-the-road sundae, thanks to the Bacon Sundae.

Tokyo Desu notes that,

In addition, BK Japan has officially applied with the "Japanese Anniversary Association" to make April 1 "Whopper Day," to celebrate the chain's flagship burger.

The launch, if it takes place, is reported to be exclusive to Japan.

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