Men with Flowers I - Drummer with Cherry Blossom Fascinators {Paris Photo}


Blurry Vision of a Drummer with Cherry Blossom Fascinators © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

I wish I could have had my hands free to take pictures of these two passing-by men. With several bags in hand, I was just able to drop them, see the men briskly pass me by and sail away. I took a photo of the musicians as they were about to turn around the corner of the street...

I retain however a wonderful vision of lush cherry blossoms tucked in the drummer's ears and in his backpack.

Even if this is but a reflection of that vision, it's inspiring me to go about to collect more men-with-flowers photos.

Just before, still with my bags in hand, I wanted to stop and take the picture of a man who was wearing a shirt with a flower pattern.

Instead, I got a picture of canes with flower patterns because they move less fast.

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