Simply Spring VI - Cherry Tree Branch at Sunset {Paris Photo}


Cherry Tree Branch at Sunset ~ Branche de cerisier au coucher du soleil © 2015 Chantal-Hélène Wagner

Cherry trees are blossoming and spraying their frothy petals in the atmosphere and on the ground...

This is my contribution so far to the practice of gazing at cherry trees in bloom during springtime - or rather, cherry tree.

The tree was a bit lonesome where you expect an alley way planted with its kind.

In the background, you see the typical beige color of Paris stone. I actually smelled the material once as it had been wetted and was wafting an incredible scent from afar, and then took a picture to prove it. I then wrote on Instagram,

Struck by how good this smells. Soft, creamy, lipstick-y, sueded #Paris stone

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