Le magasin des modes et des élégances la nuit - The Strange Life of Objects Series {Paris Photo}


Le magasin des modes et des élégances la nuit © 2015 Chant Wagner

The Strange Life of Objects Series

One of my favorite, recurring topics for photographing on the streets is capturing what I like to call "The Strange Life of Objects" feeling. It refers to that impression that while objects are inanimate they nevertheless sometimes seem almost on the verge of coming alive and having a conversation between themselves, once humans are gone...

They are only waiting for you to depart.

It's very Disney, very Toy Story, very horror movie, very magical thinking, but it's true that sometimes a certain pattern of objects seems to be endowed with a sense of hidden throbbing.

In this series, I will explore the contrary of what a nature morte is, still and beautiful because of its stillness. Sometimes, humans can offer that nature-morte, still quality too, by the way.

Here, it will be about that strange, elusive sensation of a quiet life come to a stop momentarily while you're looking. It's quite paradoxical a sensation since you normally take a picture of what you see. This is about taking a photo of what is going to happen, once you turn your back.

The air smelled of fallen leaves. It was also unusually mild for an end of October night.

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