Next Stop H&M Balmain Nation {Fashion Notes} {Perfume Images & Ads}


To announce the upcoming collection H&M x Balmain, artistic director Olivier Roustaing has pulled nearly all the stops, offering a particularly creative advertising campaign in the form of a substantive music video by Ferdinand & VAZ with a choreography by Normann Shay...

The scenario is about a dance battle taking place in a futuristic subway starring model and TV reality actress-of-her-own-life Kendall Jenner. The train heads swiftly towards its destination ending momentarily with "Next stop H&M #Balmaination" utters Roustaing manipulating a central command board we first saw in "Minority Report."

The collection features a perfume which appears like a recurring motif in the video showing that it's important for fashion in general and Balmain in particular to create that touch of sophistication.

To go back to an old idea: you don't need to be a size 0 to wear perfume although while the Balmain x H&M lineup insists quite a bit on reproducing its haute couture ethos, it's going to benefit from the sizing system of the store chain.

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