The Moving Rose - La rose (é)mouvante - 130 Street Photos after the Paris Attacks {Paris Street Photo}


The Moving Rose - La rose (é)mouvante © 2015 CHANT WAGNER

130 Street Photos after the Paris Attacks - 130 photographies de rue, après les attentats de Paris - In Memoriam

Tributes were piling high up towards the sky

Roses - an endless stream of roses - diffused their incense

Rosae, rosae, rosas, rosarum, rosis, rosis - roses brought by a procession of mourners

Who did not know each other

Who only knew about what took place

in the chaos of a night streaked with fear, red, and tears

It smelled, survivors said afterwards, of gunpowder and blood, the two dominant notes...

In the hope of softening unjust death, white, pink, red, yellow - and white again - petals fell like a rain of peach skins on public suffering

Odoriferous mattresses of lilies and roses were laid out on the sidewalks to help cushion everything that felt too hard and crazy in those hours

You could get drunk on those smells, so strong-headed they were

They were shouting "F&#k" the terrorists" in their own way

With molecules - not ink

Around heaving shrines breathing in and out their sadness

Visitors stopped, paused, cried, stood there intensely silent, might snap pictures - and went, disappearing from view

There was so much movement and flux and reflux of people

That life was speeding by

And blurry was real

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