Stella McCartney POP (2016) ≈ Millenials - & Daughter-ofs {New Perfume} {Celebrity-Endorsed Fragrances}


British fashion designer Stella McCartney will launch her new perfume called POP from mid-March 2016. It is aimed at the Millenial demograhic and will be fronted by four young women: musician Grimes, performing artist Lola Leon, actress and campaigner Amandla Stenberg, and animal activist Kenya Kinski-Jones...

The jus is a blend of tuberose and sandalwood, said to be noticeable without being "overwhelming".

McCartney said in her press release,

"POP is a spirit. It's about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It's about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels"

Of course as the daughter of Paul McCartney, the name of the fragrance sounds also like a sweet homage to her dad, one of the kings of 60s pop music.

As part of her POP crew, Lola Ciccone Leon, the eldest daughter of Madonna, is probably the one most resembling her own profile as one who has to step away from a parental figure who may seem to stand like a forest hiding a tree. Kenya Kinski-Jones comes from a similar personal background being the daughter of Quincy Jones and Nastassja Kinski. All four women are creatives.

Pop_Grimes.jpg The ad campaign was shot by Glen Luchford. Teaser images reveal Grimes in pictures with a pink color theme.


In the US, the perfume will be available the earliest, from March 18th 2016. Global rollout is planned from July 2016 while Stella stores will have the scent from March 24th 2016.

The social media campaign has already publicized its hashtag, #POPNOW.

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