The Taped Flowers ≈ Les fleurs scotchées ≈ 130 Street Photographs after the Paris Attacks {Paris Street Photo}


The Taped Flowers - Les fleurs scotchées - 54/130 © 2016 CHANT WAGNER

130 Street Photographs after the Paris Attacks - 130 photographies de rue, après les attentats de Paris - In Memoriam

Not even two months after the killings,

which transformed a restaurant into a morgue

The iron curtain was still down

almost non-stop, obstinately

Some people thought about

getting as close as possible

to the heart of the matter

If no one was there, anymore

If bon-vivants had died

over a restorative soup full of spice

Then, some signs could be left

of a passage and a thought

Flowers were taped to the iron curtain

Like bandages for the souls, gone and wandering

Those who wandered nearby - alive

Those who wandered unseen - elsewhere...

The bandages attempted to cover cold spots of hurt and emptiness

but also revealed the resilience of the spirit

The frailest of monuments,

A gesture, half-broken

A concern with lastingness and the ephemeral

A hope for a tomorrow

In the middle of a gray, blind wall of sadness

Hermetically shut

Life stuck

Rejecting the false prophecy of a no man's land, which had appeared overnight, randomly, absurdly, crazily, intolerably.

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