Immersive Cherry Tree ≈ L'immersion dans le cerisier {Paris Street Photo}


Immersive Cherry Tree ≈ L'immersion dans le cerisier © 2016 CHANT WAGNER

The inflorescence of the cherry blossoms is in progress

to speed it up,

you can add layers of petals, green leaves, black branches, blue, cerulean sky and white clouds

just by standing under the tree and gazing at it from a certain perspective...

twist your neck, look up at the still skinny blossoming of petals, ombré, rosy

blossoms and buds are cohabiting for now

and even if you stand right under the tree, it still smells of Parisian pollution and dust

blunting the natural perfume of cherry flowers

the blossoms feel a bit breathless

fortunately, or unfortunatly, the scent of cherry blossoms

is not secret, mysterious, or magnetic-due-to-transiency anymore

on the contrary, it is widely captured like olfactory snapshots and kept in pink bottles, generally speaking

please come stand with me under the cherry tree -

hope you enjoy the experience!

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