Bath & Body Works Bring Back the 90s & Noughties this Summer of 2016 {New Perfumes}


© courtesy photo Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works, The Flashback Collection

Bath & Body Works called the 90s, and the 90s called back. They even sent along a whole nostalgic lineup of popular fragrances from the decade including Sun-Ripened Raspberry (1996), which relaunches independently today on May 20th, 2016...

The reason for this separate relaunch is that it is « the most requested flashback fragrance,»; so timely, if like me, you have been craving raspberry jam in perfume form after squeezing on a raspberry liquid detergent bottle for several weeks.


BBW celebrated the relaunch with this pic on their Twitter account © courtesy photo Bath & Body Works

The other scents are Country Apple (1997), Cucumber Melon (1998), and Freesia (1998). Then, for good measure and because the contours of memory can be blurry and stretchable in a way which makes sense to a generation of users - if not for the Gregorian calendar - there are also from the Noughties' Cotton Blossom (2000), Mango Mandarin (2002), Peony (2004), and Brown Sugar & Fig (2005).

This summer of 2016 promises to waft of a time warp. You're free to interpret this as a political statement or not, beneficial or not, to the Clinton's (Clintons'?) candidacy. Time can stand still sometimes.

As for us, we see there is an opportunity to experiment with memory as triggered by olfaction. Will we be able to layer the past and the new past in the future - or do the first memories always take precedence?

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