Lily-Rose Depp Announced as New Chanel Fragrance Face {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfumes}


Chanel No. 5 L'Eau will be Promoted by Lily-Rose Depp

In a marketing move some will no doubt stop to fully appreciate, Lily-Rose Depp the daughter of French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis and American actor Johnny Depp is to be the advertising muse for No. 5 L'Eau, the upcoming perfume targeting a new generation of Millennials, as initilally reported...

There is a sense of veiled irony here when you picture to yourself the two giant perfume brands who are competitors in the luxury sector hiring for Dior, the father, and for the other, Chanel, his eldest. The Depps may not care and it's all about image, but you cannot but underline that a tension arises, implicitly. Of course, Sauvage EDT is for more mature men while No.5 L'Eau is for younger women, so it's not a frontal engagement, yet their good name is still affixed to two competing houses - and perfume prominence is at stake.

Lily-Rose announced on her social media account at Instagram that she was Chanel's new face while offering a selfie in which she is seen kissing a huge bottle of the juice exclaiming,

« I'm so excited to announce that I am the face of the new Chanel Number 5 L'EAU! »

The ad campaign will be directed by Swedish director Johan Renck.

Another symbolic aspect of the choice is that her first name contains the word « rose ». Chanel have always been big on good omens and No.5 L'Eau is said to be filled with May Rose exclusivity from Grasse.

Most certainly, Chanel have a knack for establishing long-term relationships with some designated friends who are also celebrities. At this level, it makes sense for them to work with the daughter of Vanessa Paradis after having borrowed the mother's face for publicizing Coco in 1992.

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