Chanel No.5 L'Eau (2016) ≈ A New Story of Adaptability rather than Classicism {New Perfume}


No.5 L'Eau by Chanel

As previously reported, Chanel are set to launch a new interpretation of No.5 to further rejuvenate the 95 years old lady less than intent on ending up in a museum. After Eau Première, the fashion house is betting on a lighter, more transparent take still on the original and its successor with No.5 L'Eau...

For a fragrance house like Chanel, building the myth of a perfume is as essential as composing the juices that will woo contemporary wearers of fragrance. While the formula of No.5 let them work on the image of the aldehydic floral for a long time without feeling the pressure of creating novel olfactory twists, the more recent historical development has been to rearrange the olfactive signature of their principal fragrance to suit better new mores.

No.5 L'Eau is described by the brand in a teaser on Twitter today as almost a selfie of a fragrance, whose nature is to keep on giving,

"I am an imaginary bouquet, stunning, prolific..." The Self-Portrait of a Perfume, coming tomorrow."

The analysis for them, apparently, has been to continue to create a more crystalline impression of No.5 while still using Coco Chanel's recipe of locking down the signature of a scent thanks to natural ingredients of an exclusive nature. Eau Première thus is less deeply ambery, more sparkling yet offers a remarkable note of iris, a luxury Chanel can afford and does offer.

The new No.5 L'Eau appears to amplify further the choice of a lighter body while putting the accent on Grasse-sourced Centifolia rose and the house's exclusive ownership of flower fields in the region. Although more farmers have recently been returning to horticulture in Grasse, Chanel, no doubt, continue to hold a premium position in this respect.

Olivier Polge as the new in-house perfumer signs his first rethink of the house's classic although you can tell that for instance in Les Exclusifs Misia, his mind was already at work on mastering the No.5 personality which appears in it in filigree, which in retrospect you can see was to better gauge its versatility and adaptability.

Via @Chanel, Twitter

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