Chanel to Launch a New Version of No.5 for Millennials {Fragrance News} {New Perfume}


Chanel are said to be secretly working on a new version of the classic No.5 (1921) in the hope of wooing the cohort of Millennials (15-30 year-olds) who have shown lukewarm feelings towards a perfume that most of them consider overly dated...

An attempt to rejuvenate the signature of No. 5 scheduled for 2007, then postponed to 2008 due to a technical flaw had already taken place with the release of Eau Première. According to Capital, a French financial magazine, it has however failed to convince a younger generation of wearers who view it as being too close to the original.

The new in-house perfumer Olivier Polge has reportedly been working on the project from day one of his hiring. Expected to launch in September 2016, the house will be devoting a year worth of advertising budget i.e., more than 10 million Euros, to focus on its publicisation from September to December 2016.

Except for Chance (+6%) and Bleu (+15%), the sales of mainstream Chanel perfumes have lost ground to bigger commercial successes Lancôme La Vie Est Belle and YSL Black Opium.

Bleu de Chanel is even said to be the most shoplifted perfume at Marionnaud having become an aspirational sociological marker in the suburbs of Paris.

The No.5 a #1 top-seller in France in 2010 has seen its popularity decline by -6,4% in 2014 and -4,9% in 2015 to be ranked at #5 in 2015.

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