Ralph Lauren Tender Romance (2016) {New Perfume} {Fragrance Images & Ads}


American fashion designer Ralph Lauren issued a new flanker to Romance called Tender Romance which is motivated by the desire to represent « ...the sweetness and innocence of falling in love for the first time, »...

From a perfumery perspective, the new scent is touted as « the first white, luminous oriental scent - a delicate caress of pure white magnolia and silky soft cashmere, »

The perfumer is Honorine Blanc of Firmenich.

The eau de toilette for women features notes of Ginger, a Pear Accord, Bergamot, a White Magnolia Accord, Jasmine, a Ginger Lily Accord, a Cashmere Woods Accord, Benzoin, and Musk.

The advertising is in black-and-white, showing a romantic couple perched on a swing under a tree.

The original Romance was released in 1998. It has opened the way to a series of flankers over the years. For instance, there was a Romance Summer Blossom or more recently still, Midnight Romance.

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