Chanel No.5 Fascination ≈ Fascination pour le No.5 de Chanel {Paris Street Photo}


Chanel No.5 Fascination ≈ Fascination pour le No.5 de Chanel © CHANT WAGNER 2013

It's a day later, but better late than never. May the 5th is known to be the birthday of a perfume, No.5 by Chanel. As is well documented, Coco Chanel was superstitious, or believed in luck, however you may prefer to phrase it. For her, the figure 5 was not random but revealed there was meaning in the universe - or that she could decide to put chance on her side more decisively by creating a man-made star alignment of fives...

The fragrance No.5 is the result of an artful composition of fragrant molecules - of art - and of a more intangible, unpredictable ingredient, the symbolic one in its idiosyncratic version. She chose the 5th sample of perfume presented to her by perfumer Ernest Beaux ; her fashion collection in 1921 was to take place on the 5th of the 5th month of the year, May. The scent had to further express the mana of No.5.

95 years later it seems to have worked.

Happy Birthday No.5 ! - Joyeux anniversaire No.5 !

Do you have a favorite version of No.5 ?

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