Æther Rose Alcane ≈ A Rose for Rose Haters (2016) {New Fragrance}

rose_alcane_Æther.jpg French niche brand Æther issued a new fragrance for both men and women called Rose Alcane...

The eau de parfum, which is an ode to the majestic status of rose in perfumery yet recognizes at the same time that it is not stomached by all, is meant to be a rose perfume for those who are usually unmoved by its charm.

"Did it ever exist? Was it even picked by friendly hands, that sidereal rose? One could well believe it so textured, vivacious, real it is (Rose Oxide, Oxane). It is a pretty flower in a cow hide[1]. A rose for girls and boys who aren't all that crazy about roses but who aren't averse to being surprised. Right under your nose, the miracles of alchemy transform a hyper fresh rose bud into a metallic flower - a beautiful floral mechanism." (Our translation).

[1] In French, « peau de vache », literally « cow hide » also means as an expression applied to a person, « a bitch » or « a jerk ». Since in perfumery, as fictional discourse, archetypal anti-heroes are valued for their capacity for transgression, there may well be a double-entendre here.

Why do some people detest roses and others are addicted to its scent? It is hard to tell. Despite its iconic status and central role as an indispensable ingredient of perfumery, rose can be a polarizing fragrance - in high doses. We might understand through the reference to a metallic nuance that, at least, the stodgy, outmoded rose-perfume effect was countered.

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