Americana in Paris ≈ Happy Fourth of July! {Paris Street Photographer}


Stars & Bars - Americana in Paris © CHANT WAGNER 2016

For those who celebrate Independence Day, Happy 4th of July! For perfume wearing suggestions, please see our list after the jump...

« From an olfactory standpoint, we can muse on and imagine that the 4th of July smells in the base notes of gourmand smoky burgers, burning hot coal, gunpowder, tangy, sweet, and sticky tomato ketchup, rich boozy beer and maybe sweet cotton candy and apple pie with spicy cinnamon - and let's not forget, musky sweat. In the heart notes there are green grass, tangy-green lemongrass candles, soft wheat, aqueous cucumber, sweet corn, iceberg lettuce notes - and a dash of car interior and car polish. In the top notes you might find fresh mint, tart pink lemonade, Coca-Cola, frosted ice cubes, light, cool, and fresh baby powder notes. This olfactory rêverie may smell like the pits of hell to some but since each year the same note combinations reappear, and people still throng the 4th of July events, we're in safe territory. »

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