Hermès Galop d'Hermès (2016) {New Fragrance}

Galop_Hermes.jpg Hermès Galop d'Hermès Parfum

Hermès are introducing a new fragrance called Galop d'Hermès, a reference to their equestrian heritage and annual dressage event, but also to an ideal woman who is on the move, passionate about the present, interested in the past and eager to meet the future...

The perfume itself might be considered as unisex though (please see blow).

A quote from Honoré de Balzac further clarifies the artistic inspiration : « ...rien de plus beau que cheval au galop et femme qui danse » - « ...nothing is more beautiful than the sight of a galloping horse and a woman dancing. » (Our translation)

This is the first major composition by new in-house perfumer Christine Nagel. For this defining opus, she turned to Doblis calf leather for inspiration. Nagel is known for her love of materiality and ingredients. She's used the metaphor of « taming » of materials in the past to characterize her approach to the creation of perfumes.

The Doblis accord could also signal a study of Doblis by Hermès launched in 1955, now discontinued, and composed by perfumery great Guy Robert.

Another passion of Christine Nagel is painting, an interest which is said to feed her art. Galop d'Hermès she presents as a study in contrasts comparable to the use of color in a painting. She wanted to oppose an animalic character to a floral one while maintaining a tension between masculine and feminine elements. The fragrance offers main notes of Doblis leather, rose, saffron and quince. The rose was reportedly treated in a macroscopic fashion, to use a photography metaphor.

The flacon updates a bottle design which Hermès first used in 1930 during the Art Deco period. The leather cord is a reminder of the leather stirrup; it symbolizes a woman's attachment to her perfume.

The parfum concentration has been used before by Hermès for Terre d'Hermès Parfum, to beautiful effect.

The latest Hermès scent will be sold in refillable 50 ml bottles. Refills are 125 ml.

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  1. I see the reference (see below) to why the Galop d'Hermes can be considered unisex, and was curious to read about it, but could not find it. I smelled the scent, and it was at the men's counter at Bergdorf, and was being sold (and in my opinion, smelled, like a fragrance for men), with the overpowering leather scent. I actually enjoyed it and found it quite distinctive. I'm curious as to hear your thoughts.

    • As a man, your skin will bring out a different balance of notes. I'm not surprised to hear that on you Galop smells much more leathery.

      Chant Wagner

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