Images of a Wedding // III {Paris Street Photo} {Street Style}


Wedding III © CHANT WAGNER 2016

Images of a Wedding // III

One of the things I noticed at this wedding which contributed to its special quality was that while there was a crowd, not every guests went to sit in the front, closer to where the bride and groom were. And yet, like in this picture, they looked involved, even particularly reflective...

In fact, I think it reinforced the aura of protection you felt unconsciously. There were people who were aware of the wedding and following it closely but they were also de facto widening the social space in which thoughts were concentrating on the marriage taking place before them. It created an airier, more ethereal feeling, which reflected the spirit of the place well. It also created potentially the effect of a series of tableaux.

Some were farther away for different reasons such as helping with the ceremony or nursing infants, which I felt was a nice, humane touch.

Here are Photo #1 and Photo #2 in this series.

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